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Welcome! My name is Pride. I'm an anime artist. I am open to asks any time! Don't be afraid to send one! This is a !!!NSFW!!! blog

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But I just want to direct this to all the artists out there.

I know you get compliments on one drawing over and over or how people love your style which is cool and all but there’s something else I want to say to that.

Thank you.

Thank you for spending years and years developing your style, changing the way you draw, trying to change the way you color, trying to improve anatomy or realistic-ness or how cartoony you draw something.

For listening to people who gave you critique as you tried to trudge down the road of improvement.

And for taking time out of your life to gift the world something wonderful.

And to the fanartists, thank you for drawing for a series that people love even if you get no benefit from it. Thank you for providing free artwork that everyone can enjoy.

posted 3 years ago @ 08 Jun 2011
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